Humboldt County Fair

"And there they go..."
Always in August, and the premier community event featuring the best of everthing Humboldt and livestock auctions, food competitions, flower show, art show, old fashioned carnival, and the centerpiece; live horse racing. Now well over 100 years old, this is an authentic county fair with lots of local arts, crafts, food and animals on display, ready for auction or sale. Watch out for the cow-pies.

Arcata's Oyster Festival

"If you love oysters like I love oysters...."
Ain't nothin' like these oysters on a sun drenched afternoon on the Arcata Plaza. Oysters and beer, oysters and chilled Sauvignon Blanc, oysters grilled then drenched in garlic butter, oysters and chocolate. Any way you like 'em. Of course it's not just oysters. There's live music, and all the Plaza characters you've come to know and love or at least like to watch.

Redwood Acres Fair

and rodeo. June 19 - 22nd, 2014. Lots of family fun at Redwood Acres with carnival rides, livestock auction, exhibits, exotic foods, and blue ribbons for the best arts and crafts of every conceivable kind. Some say the fair started in 1881, but whatever the truth is, it's been going on a long time.

Fortuna Rodeo

A whole week of events in the Friendly City includes a rodeo that attracts cowboys and girls from all over. The exhibition includes riding, roping, and wrestling dogies to the mat. There's chili cook-offs, car shows, and a host of sporting events with the rodeo as a centerpiece. Fortuna celebrates each July and invites the world to join them at Rohnert Park for an unforgettable week in sunny Fortuna.


Wildwood Days

    The Rio Dell Volunteer Fire Department coordinates the events in this five day festival. The Fire Chief and his committee provide a variety of activities to engage all attendees to the Wildwood Days Event.

This event provides much needed funding for the Rio Dell Volunteer Fire Department to keep our community safe.

Trinidad Fish Festival

More than just a great kettle of fish; this fun festival attracts artists and craftsmen from all over. Their booths filled with treasures, line Trinity Street all the way to the Memorial Lighthouse. Trinidad Bay is one of the most picturesque harbors on the north coast. The pier and boat ramp serve commercial and sport fishermen.

Courtesy of Trinidad Chamber of Commerce

Kinetic thingamajig Race

Re-named a bunch of times, copied by others and fought-over by various groups since founder Hobart Brown left his kinetic energy to others to figure out, this is still the best and mostly original kinetic contraption race in the country. It has no social value and it has lost some of its magic to middle age, but it retains a certain sense of zany, "who cares what anybody thinks, we're gonna do it anyway." feeling. It starts in Arcata and takes however long it takes to get to Ferndale where, if the machine is still moving, it parades down Main Street. And that's it.

Pony Express Days

Pony Express Days, established in 1968, is a celebration of old west skills and traditions. Five days of events including a cook-off, fireman's muster, Pony Express dance, a parade and horse shoe tournament. Return with us now to those thrilling days of yesteryear and enjoy the competition and display of equestrian skills. Don't miss the gymkhana on the weekend. It all happens in McKinleyville, where horses still have the right-of-way.

Annie and Mary

The Arcata & Mad River Railroad, key to Blue Lake s early commercial and cultural success, became affectionately known as the Annie & Mary after the company secretaries who staffed the two ends of the lines in the 1890s. Courtesy Blue Lake Chamber of Commerce

Every year since 1967, the Blue Lake Chamber has sponsored Annie and Mary Day. Annie and Mary Day is a celebration of the historic Arcata Mad River Rail Line, named after Annie Carroll and Mary Buckley, two bookkeepers who were employed by the railroad around the year 1907.

This community wide event brings many people together in an atmosphere that encompasses old time fun and revelry. The annual event features a parade, folk music, baseball games, a bocce ball tournament, Barbeque, dancing and family fun!


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