What should you do before you look for a home?
Review your spending and saving habits.
Check your cash savings and reserves for emergencies.
Pre-qualify for a mortgage.
Choose a Realtor
Ask about special financing for first time buyers
Choose a mortgage lender
Real Estate Mortgage lenders:
Mortgage Companies
Credit Unions
Private Lenders
Q. Why not go with the nationally advertised lenders like Lending Tree or Quicken Loans?
A. Some are not lenders at all, they're marketing companies that charge a fee to the actual lender or the borrower to funnel loans to one or more lenders who buy borrower leads. That translates to higher borrower costs. Also, out-of-the-area lenders aren't aware of the types of properties, real estate markets, or borrower incomes in Humboldt County. Often, when they receive a loan application from Humboldt, they disappear. The numbers don't fit their borrower-property profiles.These lenders are mainly interested in high volume so they don't like anything outside their cookie-cutter guidelines.
Q. Why use a local lender?
A. We recommend local lenders who are familiar with all the different types of property and borrower income variations peculiar to the north coast. A local lender can advocate for the borrower. They know the local market, have a track record with the loan underwriters and they're interested in repeat business; your first loan, later on an equity loan, a new mortgage when you step up to your next home and referrals to your friends or relatives. Sounds a little old fashioned doesn't it, but local lenders know they have to do a good job or you won't be back.
Q. Should I ask my Realtor to pre-qualify me?
A. Some buyers feel more comfortable being pre-qualified by their Realtor before they apply for a loan. Our agents are trained to evaluate income and expenses, assets and liabilities in relation to lender requirements. They may then recommend the type of lender most appropriate to your financial situation. For example, some lenders are more adept at lending to self-employed borrowers.

What should you know about the buying process?
A. Buying a home can be confusing. Your Realtor can explain all the steps in the process and ask you some initial questions to get you on track. Here are some of the steps most buyers encounter on the road to buying their first home.

Loan pre-qualification
Home search
Making and offer to purchase
Contract terms and negotiations
Loan application
Home inspections
Loan approval
Closing and recording the deed.
Educated buyers have the best buying experiences.
Our focus is to provide you with all the information and strategies necessary to make the best buying decisions. One of the most important decisions you will make is how much to offer the seller. We will provide you with market information on similar property sales to help you arrive at an offered price. We'll explain the process of offer, counter offer, acceptance and how to position your offer in multiple-offer situations. We'll recommend lenders, inspectors, and other experts with proven track records. We always recommend more than one so you can choose the right expert for your situation. For example, some lenders specialize in first time buyer loans, some in veterans guaranteed loans, others in FHA insured loans. Loan specialists can make in big difference in the success of your purchase. The same goes for structural pest (termite) inspectors, roof inspectors, electrical and plumbing inspectors, and overall home inspectors. Some are better, or more experienced with the type of property you're buying, than others.

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