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Buying investment property involves decisions with significant long-term financial consequenses. Consider carefully before deciding on the vehicle for your real estate investment. There are many investment analysis programs available on the web and elsewhere but numbers alone don't tell the whole story and should not be the only factor in your investment decision. Location, maintenance history, future taxes, rent control, current condition and neighborhood trends put your investment vehicle in context. Consult one of our knowledgeable agents and get the whole picture.
When you buy:
Type of investment property:
Residential rental
Land for development
Amount of Initial investment
Type and terms of financing
Expected income
Operating expenses
Fixed expenses
Expected annual return
When you sell:
Capital Gains or 1031 Exchange
Will you have the property professionally managed? Or will you screen tenants, execute rental agreements, handle repairs and regular maintenance, accounting etc. yourself? Check out our property management service!
Tax deferred exchanges:

Capital Gains:

Tax Deferred Exchanges
have specific requirements under section 1031
of the Internal Revenue Code.
  • Property must be like-kind property.
  • Exchange may be simultaneous or delayed.
  • An intermediary or accommodater ( third party) must be employed in delayed exchanges to qualify as tax deferred.
  • Time limits for identification and acquisition are fixed by the IRS.
  • Reverse exchanges are allowed.

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